Peter Berghoef’s “Blessings”

Poem: “Blessings”
Poet: Peter Berghoef
Magazine: Hobart
Blogger: M. Adeolu

I was instantly attracted to this poem because of the title itself. “Blessings”, being a Christian myself, I am very fond of them. I love everything about them, and how you can share them with others and they will be eager to receive them their selves, so they find a relationship with God .I am usually the one who will be caught saying such things as “team blessed” or “too blessed to be stressed.” People see blessings are in a variety of ways. When reading this poem I illustrated each sentence as several images individually. For example “eating oysters in a velvet room” the reader would envision this as having a meal in a luxurious room. It is a fantasy we all hope for. My personal Opinion of this piece is that the actual blessing the author is trying to perceive is the ability to fantasize, regardless if he or she even has these goods.  It is being able to dream or wishful think.

The last sentence “You must be waiting for a bus.” struck my attention. What I think this means is being able to have time on your hands. Allowing one’s self to daydream, which summarizes the entire poem itself tying back to wishful thinking.

The poem begins off with the phrase “You must be in bed or buried.” I believe Peter Berghoef began the poem like this because he wanted the reader to decide what to them is a blessing, to be dreaming or in heaven. I came up with that conclusion because “ bed”; that being the place where we all dream, where we are at peace. The only place we can travel the impossible in our dreams.  And when we are “dead” most people think of the place we would be it being Heaven. Where life is bliss filled with blessings.

We can learn from craft because we view blessings differently. Through the structure and dialogue it begins with just an idea and shows us how we should take time to have patience and enjoy those things. As well as have time to daydream.

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