Writing Prompt: Colors

Today is blustery day! Perfect for writing about fall! Students, don’t forget to submit your pieces for our fall writing contest. How does your story end?

Open Mic Advice

Hey y’all!

We know that performing your work outloud, in front of an audience of people you may not know, is probably one of the scariest things ever. Even scarier than clowns and boogey men. As a writer, it is important for you to get your stories out into the world and receive feedback. What you have to say is important! I have found that if you talk people will listen!

Below is a small list of things to help out in an open mic situation!

1. Choose your piece early! This will ensure you have time to do step number two!

2. Practice! Practice! Practicing is so important! It will help with nerves because you will feel prepared and it will also help prevent stuttering and tripping over words.

3. Understand that the audience understands. People attend an open mic knowing that it is an open mic. We expect nerves (its scary) and we expect things to not necessarily go as planned. The audience is not expecting perfection, so you shouldn’t either!

4. Support other performers. This is a literary community! We support and encourage one another, but that goes both ways!

5. Invite your supporters. Never go into this alone! It can be intimidating and although it is a place to mingle and meet others in your craft, it’s not the same as having people rooting for you at the start.

There are so many other things you can do to prepare for an open mic event. What are some other strategies y’all use?

Writing Prompt: Dolls

Here’s a really spooky story prompt!

A child goes missing, perhaps the woods or the super market, and the only thing that is found is a doll. Is the doll the missing child? Did the doll take the child? Is it all a coincidence? Does the doll make those involved paranoid and delusional? That’s up to you to decide!

Your creation could win our fall contest! Make sure to submit by the end of the month to with the subject header, fall writing contest!

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New Logo; New Journal

The 2018-2019 Alchemist Review has created a new narrative for our journal this year! In just over a month we have put together two events, both of which are expected to be successful. We also have initiated a fall writing contest that will showcase fall themed writing. On top of that we have lots of new plans for the upcoming months! We are excited and humbled at the prospect of building up our literary community. This logo signifies our commitment to keep growing as a journal and to keep looking towards the future. We are thrilled to share this journey with you!

alchemist review logo

Slant Rhyme Saturday!

Slant rhymes are defined as “a rhyme in which either the vowels or contestants of stressed syllables are identical.” Other names are the half rhyme, near rhyme, and imperfect rhyme. This form of rhyming is very popular in Irish, Scotish, Welsh, and Icelandic poetry. It wasn’t until Poet W. B. Yeates used it that it became popular in American poetry.

Examples incude: shell/ ill eyes/light  years/yours

For this prompt try writing a poem where every line ends with a slant rhyme!

We hope to see some of your results as submissions!