Call for Submissions

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are currently open for the 2019- 2020 Edition! The Deadline is February 15, 2020.

The general rules for submissions are as follows:

  1. All written work must be in .docx or pdf format
  2. Accepted works include poetry, prose, translation (with English translation accompanied), creative nonfiction, photography, other scannable art, or a combination.
    1. All submitted work should be attached as one document per piece. 
    2. A total of five works will be considered at one time, only two of which can be prose
      1. Example: You may submit a photograph, two poems, a scannable art piece, and a prose piece and all of them would be considered for the journal
  3. A maximum of two prose narratives may be considered
    1. A maximum of 3,000 words in total
    2. This includes: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Flash 
    3. English translations do not count towards the word count of the piece
  4. A maximum of three poems are allowed in a submission totalling no more than six pages
  5. All submissions need to be in manuscript format
    1. 12 pt. font, name on documents, double space
  6. Please include a cover letter that includes school attending, a brief bio, and a brief description of the work submitted.
    1. A maximum of 300 words
    2. Cover letter should be within the body of the email
  7. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, however, once accepted we expect other submissions to be pulled. If the work is accepted elsewhere please notify us as soon as possible.
  8. Submissions are to be sent to
    1. All submissions must be sent from a university email
    2. In the subject of email state genre and university affiliation
  9. All work must be original and not within the public domain
  10. Deadline for submissions: 11:59 pm December 13, 2019
    1. An email will be sent confirming we received the submission within 2 weeks

What are we looking for?

This year, we’re looking for writers from all majors to contribute to our journal! We hope to have as diverse a journal as we do a campus. We are not looking for a theme, but would love to have an open and safe space for all the arts.  Our main focus is making an impact on our community. Art and literature can be so much more than ink on paper. It can inspire, create change, and capture the truths of our culture. This year, we are showcasing inspirators, changers, and truth seekers-not just authors and artists.

The Alchemist Review is a literary journal that publishes all genres of creative writing, photography and visual art. The Alchemist Review seeks out works that are experimental and challenge the status quo, providing a safe space for writers to test their voice. 

The Alchemist Review is committed to promoting and highlighting the works of women, nonbinary writers, genderqueer writers, LGBTQIA+ writers, people of color,  writers with disabilities, writers at intersections of these identities and writers that have often been marginalized and excluded from the literary canon.

The Alchemist Review reserves the right to not publish and promote pieces that go against the mission of the journal.

This is the first year that Alchemist Review will be allowing submissions from all undergraduates within the state of Illinois. We are excited to broaden our literary community and hope to cultivate a safe place for our peers around the state to send their work.

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