Current Contest

It’s Winter Break now, and many people — students and alums alike — are heading home or to some other such place to relax in peace. But it’s also contest time again, and The Alchemist Review would like to ask: What if that special place didn’t exist anymore?

That is the subject of our winter contest: being unable to return to your favorite spot in the world. Maybe that spot was the bedroom of your house, and your parents rented out your room — or moved. Maybe things were rearranged and remodeled, or your favorite sofa — that ratty one with the sagging cushions — finally got tossed out. Perhaps your old school was bulldozed, or there’s a new building development where your favorite park used to be.




As before, these entries are to be short and sweet: 500-800 words for a story, or 1-3 poems.

The deadline is 11:59 p.m. on February 6, 2015.
Please do not include personal information (name, email, etc.) in the story/poem itself as it allows for anonymity.
We will pick the top three submissions as winners.
First place will receive a $25 gift card and publication; second and third place receive publication.

Submissions are open; please email works to with the subject “Winter Contest.”

Good luck, and enjoy your break!

~The Alchemist Review


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